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The history of modern states is marked by events that have particular relevance for their independence, development and well-being. We celebrate our national holidays, as well as other historical dates on which our ancestors have contributed, through their crucial decisions and actions. Such changes of the course of events gave us the possibility to be, today, the proud representatives of independent nations striving to foster cooperation and peace around the world.

The 19th century abounds of examples of young nations that won their place among a community of equals on the battlefield. But as important as the sacrifice in war of their brave troops was the recognition of independence extended by those that became ever since steady and reliable friends.

On May 10, 1877, Romania has proclaimed its independence, which we won in war and was recognized one year later, through the Treaty of Berlin. And recognition triggered off the establishment of diplomatic relations. One by one, friends and supporters of our country have set up diplomatic offices in Bucharest. Read more >>


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